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AviationSim is an innovative business simulation game, based on modern aviation with real procedures and recent events.

You step into the shoes of a brand new manager willing to become a mogul of the aviation branch.

It is not only possible to lead your own airliner, but also manage other service providers such as catering- or maintenance firms later on.
Creating and managing airports will also no longer remain as just a dream.

Furthermore you will interact with each other by developing common strategies – be it a codeshare agreement or an entry in an existing alliance.
You are chosen to dominate and rule the world either way with the help of thousands of airports and more than 250 aircrafts.

It is your opportunity to achieve an appropriate strategy in order to let your dreams come true.

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Status Name Player
Status Alpha 88
The game is currently in its closed Alpha test. It can not yet be played, but the public Beta version is to follow in the near future.


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